Our 30 Day Plan of Action

Our objectives are:

  • To get your property fully exposed to the market as quickly as possible.
  • To help you to net the most possible money.
  • To make every qualified buyer in the market aware of your property.
  • To maintain good communications with you.

To make this happen, we will:

1. Have an in-depth consultation with the Seller.
2. Fill out all paperwork accurately.
3. Install "For Sale" Sign.
4. Install "Lock Box".
5. Submit to Multiple Listing Service.
6. Submit internet and social media ads.
7. Submit print media advertisements.
8. Send loan letter and bond letter.
9. Design custom property brochure.
10. Schedule Multiple Listing Service tour.
11. Schedule my office caravan.
12. Talk enthusiastically about the property at office meeting.


13. Discusses associates' comments.
14. Ask seller to save all business cards.
15. Review client-showing procedure.
16. Pass out brochures at Multiple Listing Service meeting.


17. Pick up business cards.
18. Call agents.
19. Discuss buyer comments.
20. Review financing possibilities.


21. Pick up business cards.
22. Call agents.
23. Discuss buyer comments and activity.
24. Discuss Market Evaluation sales and competition.
25. Discuss price, terms and conditions.
26. Review Seller's motivation and urgency to sell.
27. Discuss market position and price adjustment.
28. Order structural inspection.
29. Order appraisal.
30. Discuss and schedule Open House.

In addition:

  • Make helpful suggestions that will make your property more saleable.
  • Present to you all offers and help obtain the best price.
  • Keep you advised to the progress of the closing.
  • Deliver your check to you on closing.

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