Selling Your Home


If I quote you the average time it takes to sell a home in your price range and location, I would have to point out that some are sold in one week, others in 15 weeks, and some didn't sell at all. There are many variables. Here are some of the most important:

1. TIMING. - Timing is everything. Supply and Demand make real estate sales. Builders and developers make new supply; when they don't build, buyers seek existing housing. Timing is not always seasonal. I try to find buyers to match your TIMING needs.

2. COMPETITION. - The rapid real estate sale occurs because the product beats the competition. What else is on the market when your "For Sale" sign is posted? Buyers are comparative shoppers. They are about to lay out a big portion, or all, of their life savings and are not usually impulsive. They may lay awake several nights before making the big decision. How does your home usually compare with the competition?

3. PRICE. - The selling price is an agreement between the seller and buyer as to value. Many things contribute to the final agreement (including TIMING AND COMPETITION). What is the right price? The right price is the sale price. If the comparable properties are selling at a lower price and your home is gathering dust on the shelf of inactivity, then the price is wrong.

4. PHYSICAL CONDITION. - On occasion, some Sellers forget what it means to be a Buyer. They are afraid to spend $500 for a needed job that would yield $1,000 to them. Where the property shows poorly; where there is excess wear and tear; where there are big deficiencies they cannot be "swept under the rug". In such cases, one of two things is needed to make the sale happen; one, repair it; or two, reduce the price to compensate. Remember that buyers tend to expect BIG reductions for SMALL deficiencies.

5. FINANCING. - An adverse financial atmosphere will delay the sale. The cost of using other people's money is a barometer that reflects the health of the economy. High interest means higher payments. Qualifying is a skilled analysis, balancing income and outgo, with lenders having the final say. I can recommend alternative financing you may consider to make your financing package viable to a qualified Buyer.

6. MARKETING. - The wide exposure of the REALTOR Multiple Listing System (MLS) plus the market effect of correctly applying the preceding five factors, will help reduce the time required for a sale.

The inclusion of a well designed MARKETING PLAN executed by a professional like me is what results in the best price, in the shortest time, with the least inconvenience.