Russ Eskilson

Here's What Russ' Fans Say About Him...

"More than anyone else I know, Russ Eskilson has detailed knowledge of the real estate markets where he sells and buys properties for his clients.  He has an absolute command of the relevant facts.  He knows the neighborhoods, understands the value of land and structures, and can quickly recognize good and bad deals.  If he doesn’t know the market, he won’t try to make a sale or purchase in it.  Russ works hard, often finding GREAT properties for his clients before the properties are even listed publicly.  I am a real estate attorney and have often worked with realtors.  I say without hesitation that Russ is the most skilled and most knowledgeable realtor whom I have ever met, and I am extremely pleased that I chose him to find a home for me."
- William M., home-buyer and satisfied customer of Russ Eskilson.

"Russ got the job done in brilliant fashion. He has excellent judgment, a good sense of humor, and an easygoing manner. He is able to mobilize the resources of his personal staff and his brokerage to accomplish tasks quickly and smoothly."
- Arthur H, Ph.D. (Psychiatrist)

"It was with trepidation that we entered the housing market.. We had not bought nor sold a house in 30 years. Russ Eskilson had been recommended to us. We were amazed at the myriad of papers, forms, etc. that were necessary to buy or sell a house. Russ guided us through with patience. There were seven homes for sale in our area. Only ours sold in less than a month."
- Robert S (Engineer)

"Your continued availability to us in case of questions or problems has provided us with a welcome sense of security."
- John and Kathy L (Business Owner)

"He was able to negotiate terms far more favorable than I expected. My eyes were opened to the benefits of a negotiator who is not emotionally involved in the transaction."
- Steve M (Banker)

"Russ, you are an outstanding real estate agent able to come through under pressure. You have broad knowledge, a willingness to work and you are fair-minded. And you don't give up."
- Ray and Patricia V (Retired)

"We had been looking for a home for several months without any luck until we met Russ He was able to find us the perfect family home in just two days! Russ worked harder than our expectations during the entire transaction! "
- David and Fiona A (Professional Athlete)

"Russ, you are the most professional Real Estate agent we had ever dealt with. The way you presented the property and answered our questions made us confident and comfortable with our home purchase."
- Larry and Betty K (Stock Broker)

"I think he is a genuinely nice guy. He is professional trustworthy, and honest. He is definitely a sales closer. "
- Mike F (Boatsman)

"I just got word from Mom that the money has made it into her account! Hurray!! She just has a few things left to do, such as stop the insurance and discontinue the water service at Orten Street. We want to thank you for all your help – including acting as foreman for all the construction, painting, etc. We never could have done it without you. Mom has your card, and will definitely recommend you to any of her friends who wish to sell or buy a house in San Diego. Again, mucho gracias!
- Donna (Homeowner)

"I hope the delays weren’t too bad. You taught Pat and myself something new concerning the title company endorsement. I thank you for your assistance and wisdom on this and other issues. Now we need to build a house and get it sold."
- AR (Businessman)