Marketing Your Home

1. Aggressive Marketing - He doesn't wait around hoping that buyers for your home will find us. He aggressively seeks buyers.

2. The Strength of his Company Name and his Reputation - He is supported by the most powerful real estate company in the world.

3. Home Marketing System - He offers a step by step program that has proven itself the most successful in the real estate industry.

4. Specific Goals - His goals include getting the best possible sales price for your home, selling your home as quickly as possible, getting the most favorable terms for you and selling your home with the least inconvenience to you.

5. Encouraging Cooperation - His relationship with the rest of the real estate community is very important. He encourages other agents to cooperate with him. He leverages the vast resources of the entire real estate community to sell your home.

6. Access to 100% of the "BUYER POOL" - To sell your home quickly he draws buyers from the real estate community, yard signs, newspaper & radio ads, international name recognition, international referrals, personal referrals, and all other sources.

7. Out of Town Buyers - With over 7,000 offices around the world our network puts us in touch with buyers from all over the North American Continent and world.

8. Expertise - He knows the business! His knowledge comes from both formal education and from the "Hands On" experience of having closed an average of 1 sale per week since 1977.

9. Looking Your Best - First impressions last. It is his job to give you tips on how to make your home look it's best.

10. Pricing Your Home - He needs to know your home sale goals and you need to know his comprehensive "Market Analysis" information. Usually, the higher you price your home the longer it will take to sell. When you price your home above market value you reduce the number of buyers who will want to see it. Risks of overpricing include: Fewer sales associates will show the home, fewer prospects will respond to my ad, it can attract the wrong prospects, you will lose buyers that will not negotiate, and it may lead to mortgage rejections.

11. Market Activity & Time - The maximum interest and excitement is generated by a home during its first 4 weeks on the market. It is important to price your home right from the beginning. Don't assume that you can start high and reduce it later. Later may be too late!